When David came down from the mountains he had a smile on his face. I knew that I couldn’t trust him when he was showing teeth. It just looked wrong on him.

So, I wasn’t surprised when he snuck up behind me one day and slid a knife under my chin. When the knife was in place on my neck, he told me that things had gotten as good as they were going to get and that he was doing me a favour. The world was only going to go downhill and he was going to help me avoid it. He was simply being kind.

I told him that I was a bad man and that I was actually looking forward to watching everything go wrong. If he cut my throat, I would miss the coming disaster, and that would make me sad. I chuckled and told him that if he killed me, it wouldn’t be appreciated at all.  Though I knew the he meant it kindly, death would be nothing but a punishment.

If he really wanted to be kind, he needed to let me keep living, so that I’d be able to watch the arrival of the coming apocalypse.

He looked a little confused and stood up, pulling his knife away from my neck. He shook his head and started walking away. He was frowning again, which was a relief to me. I asked him where he was going, and he said that he was heading back up to the mountains again. I began to smile, and I knew that if he’d been looking, David would see that it also looked wrong on me.


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