Missing Pieces

Meredith had come into a little money and decided to buy her son a Lego set. At the end of her shifts at the restaurant, she would often stop on her way home and buy a Slushee and a couple of scratch tickets. Generally, she lost, and even the most she had ever won before … [Read more…]

William Builds a Box

It was six thirty in the morning when William came outside and started setting up for his project. The morning was already sunny, but it was still too early for it to actually be hot out. The sun was far to the east, so he cast a long shadow over the short grass in his … [Read more…]


It was the middle of winter, but it wasn’t very cold outside. And so, even though there was just an old wood stove to warm it, the church was comfortable that day. Well, the pews were still hard and squirmy, and it was still a Spartan looking kind of place, but the temperature was all right. … [Read more…]

Sampson and the Chair

Sampson had been in prison for twenty years. When the chair had first arrived, he had thought that it must be some sort of reward for his good behavior. So, naturally, he tried it out, and that was when he discovered how uncomfortable it was. It didn’t feel like knives, exactly, but there were definitely … [Read more…]

Turnbull and the Rain

Turnbull opened his eyes when the first drop fell on him. He had spent the night lying in the park, and though it had been cold, it had also been dry. He had been thinking that he’d get out of the park with a layer of dew on him and that was all. So, it … [Read more…]

Beautiful Morning

It was cold enough outside to feel it, but warm enough to be okay. Davis stood at the front door of his house looking out at his block. The cool breeze felt like a fingernail being rubbed across his cheek. He stood on the front stoop in his robe and smiled at the day. If … [Read more…]


When I was a child my heart was light and my mother had to tie me into bed so that I wouldn’t float away. Before that, I had floated through the window and gotten tangled in the telephone cables in the back alley. I was only a baby and so I hadn’t been worried about … [Read more…]


In the first place, there was the damned pigeon. It had said that it was tired of flying, and so all it did was walk around me while I tried to get the wall patched up. I could have used its help, but I didn’t have any.  All I had from him were complaints about … [Read more…]


I know that I saw the big cat in the woods. I don’t generally talk about it, though. People either don’t care or they don’t believe me. So I just keep it to myself. It was an excellent thing to see, and I really don’t want to worry about whether it was either important or … [Read more…]

The First Day

On the first day, the bird showed up and he was in a foul mood. He’d landed in something sticky the night before, and hadn’t noticed it, so he’d been stuck to the branch in the morning. He spread his wings, released his grip and went nowhere. After he’d figured out that he was stuck, … [Read more…]