Beautiful Morning

It was cold enough outside to feel it, but warm enough to be okay. Davis stood at the front door of his house looking out at his block. The cool breeze felt like a fingernail being rubbed across his cheek. He stood on the front stoop in his robe and smiled at the day. If … [Read more…]


When I was a child my heart was light and my mother had to tie me into bed so that I wouldn’t float away. Before that, I had floated through the window and gotten tangled in the telephone cables in the back alley. I was only a baby and so I hadn’t been worried about … [Read more…]


In the first place, there was the damned pigeon. It had said that it was tired of flying, and so all it did was walk around me while I tried to get the wall patched up. I could have used its help, but I didn’t have any.  All I had from him were complaints about … [Read more…]


I’ll say it one last time, in case you didn’t hear me before. I hate to have to point it out to you, but you’re terribly self-absorbed and always have been. You often say that you’re listening even when you aren’t. You think that what I’m saying is totally unimportant, so you just nod your … [Read more…]


Summer made it difficult for them to know when to stop drinking. It stayed light so late that there was no natural sign that it was time for them to go home. As a result, in the summer every day started with a headache and a long, bright bout of melancholy. It seemed like they … [Read more…]


Dorothy had tried to sleep in, but she found it impossible after years of getting up at six, so she was up early in spite of her attempts. Though she didn’t like to admit it to herself, she was developing that elderly habit of rising early only to fall asleep in the afternoon. She tried … [Read more…]

The Library

It was a friend who told me about the library. His name was Bryce and he was always interested in things. That was his thing. He was always interested. He was a good guy, and I kind of miss him. He went home, and I don’t see him anymore. But there was a librarian who … [Read more…]