David had been locked up for impersonating a philosopher. He’d told an older man that he should follow his desires, no matter how ridiculous those desires might seem. After all, the man was in his sixties, and it seemed to David that the older man, Nathan, should be able to do whatever he wanted at … [Read more…]


I ducked inside the house when it started to rain. I had been knocking and calling out, but when it started to pour down on me, it was the only shelter available. They had left it unlocked, and I really needed to get inside. I supposed that it was remote enough that they didn’t think … [Read more…]

The Disappearance

It was a huge lake. And it twisted around in constant inlets and islands. Jerry had no idea of where the end of it was… well…he’d seen it on maps so he kind of knew. The other end of the lake was in another province. But he couldn’t see it. He knew it was off … [Read more…]

The Lake Monster

The rain came down softly on Solomon where he sat quietly in his boat. It was cold enough to see breath coming out in a kind of mist from his mouth. The dark green forests at the side of the lake rose up until they were covered by the low clouds above the water. So, … [Read more…]

The Boss

I pressed the button in the elevator to go up to the boss’ office on the fifty-second floor. I was thinking how useless this was going to be. I was thinking of how I should just let this play out into the disaster that it was already becoming. At least it wouldn’t be clear who … [Read more…]

Death on the Hill

Simon killed Alfred. That’s the truth of the matter. He picked up a rock and hit him over the head with it. They had been arguing all day about Alfred’s unwillingness to cook. The only cooking that ever happened was when Simon did it. Alfred just had bread or a chunk of cheese if he … [Read more…]

Leon in the Badlands

Leon found a bone on the side of the highway. He was in the badlands, and he knew that any bone you found there was possibly a dinosaur. There was always a chance. So, he showed it to his dad, who didn’t seem that convinced of the bone’s importance. He said that if it was … [Read more…]

The Nest

Raymond found the bundle of twigs that made up the nest fascinating, but he didn’t know why. It was late in the year, and all the leaves had fallen, leaving visible an otherwise bare branch wrapped in a bundle of sticks where a bird had made its nest. After school, Raymond would stand under the … [Read more…]

Ghost Story

Sampson had died several years before, so he really had no business worrying about Laura’s dating situation. It was ridiculous, and he knew that it was stupid. His superiors kept telling him that it was stupid. His friends kept telling him it was stupid. Even the little ghost kids who hung around him, bored, knew … [Read more…]


I first met her in the forest. My leg was bleeding profusely, because the diamond had finally made its way to the surface and broken the skin. So, she offered to help me, and she wrapped my right arm over her shoulders and helped me limp away from there. When she got me home, she … [Read more…]