I climb up to the top of the mountain where the fire tower is, and when I get there, I look down and there’s just a long expanse in every direction. It’s like being in the middle of a panoramic photo. Or… well… I guess it’s better than that. It’s like being in the middle … [Read more…]


I went to the island just because. I know it’s kind of expected that I have a reason, and then I tell you about it, and then you can judge the rest of what I’m going to tell you by what I wanted in the first place. I know that’s how this usually works. But … [Read more…]


The dog’s name was Roger. I had tried, several times, to get him to pick a more dog-like name, like Spike or something. But he was called Roger, and when I tried to call him something else, he refused to answer me. So, I gave up and called him Roger. It got us some looks … [Read more…]