It was the middle of the day and very sunny, but John had the curtains drawn, and so his apartment was dark. People always associate darkness with crippling depression. In this case, they would have been wrong. It was also a Saturday, which meant that John should have been out being happy in some way … [Read more…]

Scattered Papers

I was out walking one day and came across a huge mess of papers, scattered all over the ground. There were some yellow ones, and even a couple of red sheets, but the majority were plain, white paper. Somehow, I felt like this was my job to pick them up. Though, even as I reprimanded … [Read more…]


It was about three in the morning, and I wasn’t getting any sleep. So, I decided to go for a walk. Seemed like a better way to spend a sleepless night than just sitting in my apartment. I bundled up and walked down to the river. There were some drunk guys shouting at each other … [Read more…]

The Spy

I could see that God was spying on me again. I looked up and there was the lens of his glass in the clouds above me. I wasn’t sure what he was hoping for, but all I was doing was going to the bank. Previously, he’d limited his spying to when there had been some … [Read more…]

Paul’s Funeral

Paul was in his sixties when he decided that it was time for him to build a boat. he felt certain that he would be capable since he’d been a carpenter all his life and knew how to put wood together. He spent a great deal of time building the model, and while he knew … [Read more…]


Most people found the winter depressing. The long nights made other people sad from the lack of sunlight. There was even a psychological name for it and special visors that lit up your face so you wouldn’t get so sad. Not Paula though. Winter made her feel safe. She found the summers sad, instead. It … [Read more…]

White Cat

When he was younger he had seen things that weren’t there. Or, at least, the people had told him that they weren’t there. He wasn’t sure. He kept seeing them, but he stopped telling people about it. Sometimes he had a hard time, because he wasn’t sure which of the things that he’d seen were … [Read more…]

Retirement Plans

At first, the monster was very resistant to the idea of saving. It proclaimed that putting gold away was for the weak and pitiful. The creature was the terror of the earth and wasn’t about to sully itself with anything other than its magnificent horde. Naturally, I started off by complimenting the horde and the … [Read more…]


Sam thought he was going down the hill at a fairly good clip when his ski broke. Luckily, he wasn’t going as fast as he imagined, and so when he tumbled head over heels into the snow, it wasn’t catastrophic, just unpleasant. Equally lucky, he was already at the back, so there wasn’t a pile-up … [Read more…]


When he smiled, I never really believed it, but until he died, I didn’t know why I felt that way. His smile never seemed genuine, though. It always seemed like it was pasted on over his mouth and that he was grimacing under the tyranny of the smile on his face. However, I figured it … [Read more…]