Mathis had been telling jokes about me. He always did that. But on that day, for some reason, I lost my temper. Rage like a pain shot down my spine, and before I’d even thought, I’d knocked him down with the stick that I’d been carrying around. When he was on the ground, he told … [Read more…]


I went to the island just because. I know it’s kind of expected that I have a reason, and then I tell you about it, and then you can judge the rest of what I’m going to tell you by what I wanted in the first place. I know that’s how this usually works. But … [Read more…]

The Funnel

Thorpe had been reading for several hours, hoping that he’d be able to just doze off. It was two in the morning, and still absurdly hot in his tiny apartment. The book was good, and though he’d hoped that he’d start dozing off, it never happened. He just kept reading and mentally complaining to himself … [Read more…]

Good Afternoon

Jacob was alone in the playground. He sat on top of the play structure and just looked around for a while. It was a weekday afternoon, and everyone else was at school. Jacob was staying with his dad, however, and his dad saw school as being like a kid’s work. So, when Jacob had felt … [Read more…]

Dead Dog

Nathan didn’t know how long he’d been ignoring the growing light beyond his eyelids. For all he knew, it could have been seven in the morning or noon. Finally, however, he knew that he’d have to get up. His headache wasn’t getting any better while he lay there. He opened his eyes to the blinding … [Read more…]


I noticed what she dropped and what she didn’t. I think I might have been the only one who even noticed, and for whom it raised questions. She was a terribly clumsy person. She was the first to admit it. Indeed, it seemed to be a point of pride for her, oddly enough. She always … [Read more…]


Northrup was going through his old files when he came across the folder that his mom had put together many years before. It was full of newspaper clippings about him and the machine that he’d invented. Most of them were from the weekly local paper of the small town that she’d been living in, but … [Read more…]

Shadow Men

It was around two in the morning and Daniel was awake. It always happened that way. He would fall asleep at ten or so, but then he woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t get back to sleep. He didn’t want to wake his parents or his sisters up, so he just … [Read more…]


The dog’s name was Roger. I had tried, several times, to get him to pick a more dog-like name, like Spike or something. But he was called Roger, and when I tried to call him something else, he refused to answer me. So, I gave up and called him Roger. It got us some looks … [Read more…]

The Secret

There was a terrible secret that Peter had kept to himself for years. It was something about himself that you couldn’t get away with. Many, even most things could be uttered. You would probably horrify a few people, but most people would just laugh and share their own secrets. And everyone would drink some more … [Read more…]