Shadow Men

It was around two in the morning and Daniel was awake. It always happened that way. He would fall asleep at ten or so, but then he woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t get back to sleep. He didn’t want to wake his parents or his sisters up, so he just … [Read more…]


The dog’s name was Roger. I had tried, several times, to get him to pick a more dog-like name, like Spike or something. But he was called Roger, and when I tried to call him something else, he refused to answer me. So, I gave up and called him Roger. It got us some looks … [Read more…]

The Secret

There was a terrible secret that Peter had kept to himself for years. It was something about himself that you couldn’t get away with. Many, even most things could be uttered. You would probably horrify a few people, but most people would just laugh and share their own secrets. And everyone would drink some more … [Read more…]

William’s Death

William was facing the wall, but he was still able to hear the men talking behind him. He was on his knees in front of a brick wall. They were only about ten feet away, discussing his fate. What they were saying was extremely clear. As he listened, he stared up at the ravaged, brick … [Read more…]

The Pattern

On that morning he just kept lying in bed. He generally forced himself to get up as soon as he woke, but that morning he decided that he’d just have a bit of a lie-in. He knew that he’d have to resist lying around the next morning. It would be habit-forming, and he didn’t want … [Read more…]

The Pillows’ Complaint

As Jack lay down to go to sleep, he heard what sounded like a man behind him clearing his throat. It sounded like it was coming from the other side of the bed, and so with some alarm, he sat up and turned the bedside lamp back on so he could see what was happening. … [Read more…]


When David came down from the mountains he had a smile on his face. I knew that I couldn’t trust him when he was showing teeth. It just looked wrong on him. So, I wasn’t surprised when he snuck up behind me one day and slid a knife under my chin. When the knife was … [Read more…]


I’d had people standing in my closet ever since I was 8 years old. When they first started showing up, I was scared of them, and figured they were the proverbial monsters in the closet that the other kids talked about. I had heard stories, and I figured one of them was going to eat … [Read more…]


In those days, of course, the winter wasn’t quite the same. You think you know what I’m going to say. “It was colder and wetter and harder.” But I don’t think that’s true. We were just smaller, so everything seemed worse, including the weather. When you went outside you never knew if you were going … [Read more…]


As I peered down from the bridge on the beautiful waterfall and cliffs, I couldn’t help but wonder when his body would start sinking.